Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Overwhelmed by BS

Of their own making. 

This claim by the Cook County Sheriff's office for example:
The Cook County Sheriff's office says it already has identified about 120 applications it plans to contest since the online application process was opened to most state residents Jan. 5. Chicago Police Department officials, locked in a battle to control high-profile gang violence, say they, too, are worried about keeping up with the flood of applications, while downstate sheriff's departments said they might not have the capacity to meet the new law's vetting requirement in the time allowed.
Well since Dart has openly stated he planned on contesting EVERY application until he was threatened w/ more lawsuits, I don't feel much sympathy.  They wanted a 'vetting' process, they got one.  Now they're whining they don't have enough time.  These are also the same people who pushed for a 40hr training mandate. 

THIS is why such 'reasonable, common-sense' measures are fought as infringements (are you listening Metcalf?).  It's because they will use any reason to try to delay or restrict anything related to firearms.

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1 comment:

Mark/GreyLocke said...

They don't have to pay the legal fees, so they don't care. Until they have to pay for some judgements out of their own pockets, they will continue to do such penny anty bs.