Monday, November 25, 2013


The armaments hung by the chimney with care, with hopes that Steve Jackson soon would be there...

After a year and a half, the OGRE DE has finally arrived...... along w/ everything else.

Issue. The truck couldn't get onto my property.  Too narrow and steep.  So we do it the hard way.  Hippie mobile to the rescue:
Two carloads and 50+ reps of 50 lbs each and everything was into the house before dark.  I started w/ the little box.  It was swag (dog butt not included):

Then one of the Nihon boxes:

 and my official stamp of Gamer Geek coolness:

Opening the main box, I thought they had sent me a troll instead of OGRE:

j/k.  This is what was in there:
Out of the box:
Followed by pure Geek joy:



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AuricTech said...

I'm reminded of a button I used to have, many years ago:

"They may have Claymores and Dragons, but we have Bolos and Ogres!"

I'm providing appropriate explanatory links, just in case some reader doesn't get the humor (in this context, I would expect the Ogre reference to need no further explanation):


ACS said...

If it were me, I'd get a couple of those counter sheets professionally framed, to preserve my geek cred for posterity.

Tam said...

Whoah. [/Keanu]