Monday, October 7, 2013

"I'm a Gun Owner Butt..." #432

You've got to love a 'gun owner' that uses 'polls' and 'surveys' bought and paid for by anti-gun advocates along w/ terms like 'packing' to prove his 'credentials'. That's just what Stu Bykofsky does in his op ed claiming that the NRA and its 5+ million members are 'alone'.

The 'Luntz' poll bought and paid for by Bloomberg's MAIG.

The Kellerman 'study' on about 150 selectively chosen FFL's that support background checks paid for by the Joyce Foundation.

'Pistol Packing'.

'Clips' (w/ another arbitrary number)

Throw in some red herrings about his 'NRA friends', the Luntz group normally supporting Republicans and a few 'pro-gun' ideas just to try and make his creds stronger. 

Sorry Stu, you may own gun or two but you're not a 'gun owner'.  You're just a 'gun owner butt...' making excuses for why you don't like the NRA while ignoring the numerous other pro-rights groups you could be supporting and all the nonsense put out by the anti's. 

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1 comment:

Weer'd Beard said...

I love his boilerplate list of demands, none of them actually supported on WHY they would work.

As a matter of fact the only SUPPORTED demand is the one that antis NOT seek further AWBs and supports why that DIDN'T work.

This is why I will NEVER respect people like this. Not only do they all turn out to be false flags for the gun banners, but they simply give demands and will never support WHY they feel that way.

You know, like how OUR side does it.