Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Irrelevancy Thy Name Is Brady

Danny Gross of the Brady Campaign (Who?  Oh they used to be a big name player in politics)  pulls out the old 'NRA supports terrorism' canard. 

It's really sad.

First he starts w/ how his brother was killed in a gun free zone in a city w/ every law he wanted in place by an anti-semitic terrorist so he decided to try and restrict guns to everyone else.

9/11!!!!! 9/11!!!! 9/11!!!!

A couple of anecdotes, specifically leaving out Ft. Hood. Wonder why?

Ban semi-autos because a fake 'Al Qaeda' manual (published by a guy in England) said you could buy machineguns here. Another one of those lies that won't die.

The NRA Boogeyman.

If you don't support his measures, you support terrorism.

That's nice Danny. Now go and let the grown-ups talk.

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Weer'd Beard said...

The Brady Camp has completely lost all relevance. The fact that this raving fanatic is at the helm doesn't help.

But really they were only the "Top Dog" because they were the most accessible in 90s and early 2000s.

Since then Bloomberg and Mom's Demand Action are the new accessible and photogenic people for the MSM to throw softballs to.

Chas said...

Who blocks the death penalty for terrorists? The NRA, or the libtards who loves them some Marxist/warrior/hero/terrorists and don't want any harm to befall their fellow anti-Americans?eraheun 911