Saturday, October 12, 2013

Signs, Signs, Everywhere the Signs.....

The official 'Criminal Empowerment Zone' signs have been released by the Illinois State Police.

'No weapons' sign

Now it will be much easier for them to decide which businesses to target and which one we should avoid.

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Anonymous said...

Is that a silhouette of a Biretta 92. Illinois dose not support an American made guns used by our military?

Robert Fowler said...

Do these signs carry the weight of law? I know in Iowa, they can only ask you to leave. If you refuse, they can call the coppers and they must ask you to leave. Only if you refuse the cops request can you be cited for trespass, a misdemeanor.

Chas said...

Not a bad job for Illinois State Police salaried retards, but one has to remember the politicians who made them do it.

AuricTech said...

So, no Beretta 92/M9 pistols?

Good to know... ;-)