Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Whatever Happened To.....?

Bloomie's Magical Mortuary Bus Tour

Anybody seen or heard anything in the news lately? It's kind of dropped off the radar.  Guess they want to keep it as quiet as they can.

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Don said...

Nothing. But efforts to make sure they're welcomed in style when they get to Illinois are under way. Yesterday would have been the day for them to show up in Chicago, wouldn't it? Would have doubled or tripled the crowd at Quinn's campaign event, and not being from Illinois, they probably wouldn't boo.

Ohhhhh, my bad, that's right: they don't *want* to help the Quinn campaign kick off, because they're in Daley's pocket instead this time out. That should be fun.

Matthew said...

Maybe they feel the Gifford's low profile efforts are less likely to draw protests and be a little more photogenic?

Archer said...

They've got some things planned, "under the radar".

They need to keep it that way to avoid being out-numbered and out-classed by the REAL grassroots the pro-gun side can muster, even with short notice.

At the War On Guns, David Codrea suggests getting on their e-mail notification list so you'll (hopefully) hear if/when they'll hit your area. (Big "if" - they're not coming anywhere NEAR here.)

TS said...

It's the new strategy of having as quiet a publicity tour as they can.

Gary said...

IMO, Bloomies bus tour will hit Chicago, his favorite place to spend election moneys. Just to prove gun control works???

Anonymous said...

It was in Phoenix, AZ today, in the main library parking lot at 0900.

Apparently didn't make much of an impression, and absolutely nothing turned up in the news.

ISH (Mininerd) said...

According to their own website, it's most recent stop was in New Orleans. Based on the pictures, it drew a crowd of about twenty... and that's being kind and counting the security guards as attendees.

This photo, above, is the only shot of the crowd. Everything else is an extreme close-up.

Kevin R.C. O'Brien said...

They came here to NH and read their list of names. There were six NH names on the list. Two were violent felons shot by cops, one was terminated in mid-home-invasion by the householder in a righteous shoot, one capped himself (a tragedy with no legal solution), and one was actually a murder victim -- a bouncer who may have bounced the wrong gang from a bar, although it might also have resulted from a fight in a different bar -- investigation continues.

The local papers did not report the local names, but they did report that Bloomie's paid friends read Speedbump Tsarnayev's name and a bunch of other cop killers and shitbags -- including Chris Dorner. Niiice.

You get the impression that when Mike Bloomberg was a kid, his daddy tied a pork chop to his neck so the dog would play with him.