Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Found On A Police Range


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Joe Allen said...

Were they patterning a shotgun?

Also, it must be a S&W Sigma the girl is holding - she's using both index fingers on the trigger.

Miguel said...

I knew I should not have left that target behind...damn it!

Rob Crawford said...

She's aiming a gun at the shooter; legit target.

JTwig said...

Judging by the groupings I think its safe to say someone has some women issues!

KingOfDebauchery said...

Wow. Aiming for the uterus? WTF?

Sigivald said...

Turns out cops can be immature jerks, just like non-cops.

Stay classy, PD!

cryptical said...

I've heard that some places teach shooting the pelvis, it gets under body armor and immobilizes the opponent.

Anonymous said...

1. It is important to practice one handed shooting/operation of your weapons as weapon focus is always present.

2. Those are not uterus shots, they are Zone C shots (the pelvis) and they are high.

3. Not only are the Zone B (head shots) weak sauce, police marksmanship is less than optimal.

Shootin' Buddy

Rob Crawford said...

As for the aiming points -- you've never stretched a target out a little by aiming for a different point?

I think people are hunting HARD for a reason to get upset; this target doesn't strike me as one.