Thursday, July 4, 2013

July 4th: What Are We Celebrating?

Independence? Freedom? 200+ years ago, we fought a war over taxes, non-representation, and abuses by the Gov't to create a nation of 'Laws, not men'.

Today we have a Government that is supporting terrorist regimes across the globe, and not even regimes that support us in return.

We pay higher taxes and fees as individuals than practically any time in history while the Government is pursuing policies to intentionally drive costs of staples (energy, food, etc) even higher and forcing us to rely on unsafe and inefficient alternatives like GMO's and 'green' energy.

These same government employees (from the president down through the alphabet agencies) spend hundreds of millions on vacations and waste while proclaiming that taxes/fees need to be raised, cutting services in retribution when they're not.

The alphabet agencies spy on everything we do and everywhere we go from our computers to our driving habits. Political opponents are specifically targeted for investigations and tax abuse.

The police, those who are supposed to protect us, have no obligation to do so (as per the courts) and are committing more and more abuses against the citizenry while being held above the law themselves, facing no consequences through 'internal investigations'.

Our so called representatives not only ignore, but openly mock opposition to their personal agendas while forcing unpopular laws through in midnight sessions and w/o public input.Those who oppose their agendas are denounced as terrorists and racists.

There are more laws and restrictions on us than ever before, everything from how much soda we can drink to what color we can paint our house to how high our grass can grow. 

Billionaires like Bloomberg and Soros buy elections and use their money to manipulate the system for their own ends.

This is all going on while the majority of Americans are blissfully ignorant (thanks to compliant media), sitting on their couches watching American Idol and eating fast food. 

This is not the America that our Forefathers imagined when they risked their lives to fight the most powerful regime in the world at the time. They would be embarrassed as to how soft and compliant we've become.

We can do better. 

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Old NFO said...

Excellent points, and we DO need to do better!

Chris said...

We're celebrating the ideas that created the greatest nation on earth.

Some day we will be that nation again.