Thursday, April 4, 2013

What They Leave Out

The Joyce Funded Illinois Council Against Handgun Ownership put up a FB post about a photographer who documents violence in Chicago.  Unfortunately the ICHV and the author focus on the guns instead of what the photographer details, gangs and violence.

The case he discusses in depth is that of Ondelee Perteet, who was shot in Sept. of '09 at a party.  Let's look at what the ICHV chooses to ignore about this event.

The shooter was one Robert Sansberry, at the time 15 years old. He was a gangbanger with a handgun in Chicago.  It took months to find out who he was and convict him (17-20 yrs) because:
 Investigators had a hard time working the case, because no one would come forward with information, even though several people witnessed the shooting.
More than 'several' I'm sure.   This was before McDonald v Chicago so the handgun was completely illegal. He was carrying it. He was underage (no FOID), etc. etc.

Just one more law would have stopped him, right?

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Bob S. said...

The "no snitch" culture is part and parcel of the gang/drug/thug culture predominate in so many areas in Chicago.

Look at the 'flash mob' violence that is occurring so often in Chicago. Dozens of people capture the people involved on video; yet how many are actually charged with any crime? Only who the police catch actually doing something. Everyone is safe because their family and neighbors won't turn them in.

I am still waiting for a politician to tell me how going though a private sale background check in Texas will stop the violence in Chicago.