Saturday, April 6, 2013

Like a Clearance Sale at Lohman's

Gun show this weekend. I wasn't here for the opening of the doors on Friday but from what multiple people told me, about 150 people were lined up at the door.  When it opened, they all rushed to the tables w/ the ammo and started buying up everything they could.  Not gouge prices but the silliness of grabbing anything they can at any price is ridiculous.  Hearing tales of bricks of .22lr going for $50-$70.

Magazines have dropped significantly in price.  Previous shows had them at $40+.  This show the going price for 30 rnd AR mags is $25.  Gun sales are slow.  Accessories etc. are hit or miss. 

I've had quite a few people come up and tell me they're readers or wanting info on my site so they can be readers.  Political talk is about what one would expect.  Disgust over the crap going on in the state and w/ the UN.

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Ron said...

I'd kill to find 22 LR at $50-$70 a brick. I recently saw bricks at $249.00, and locally here a box of 50 rounds is selling for $25.00