Tuesday, April 2, 2013

State, National & International

State/Local:  Cook County (iow Chicago) slaps $25 tax on firearm purchases to pay for criminals' health care.

National:  Bloomie is conning cities into paying for his anti-gun lobby employees. Even more than we already suspected.

International:  UN Gun Grabbers doing what we expect them to.

This is why I keep hounding on people to join the GSLISRA, SAF, and NRA

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William Flatt said...

What, no mention of Gun Owners of America? I know that the NRA is the lumbering 800 lb. gorilla, but if that analogy is apropos, then GOA is a lithe, wiry, swift little ninja that kicks more @$$.

"Gun Owners of America’s total revenue in 2011 was less than $2 million, compared with the N.R.A.’s nearly $220 million. The group spent $1.3 million last year to lobby Congress, while the N.R.A. spent nearly $3 million. Its campaign contributions last year were $119,850, placing it at 2,669 on a list of 20,968 lobbying groups ranked by the Center for Responsive Politics. The N.R.A. spent $1.5 million, putting it at 230th. Gun Owners of America has 300,000 dues-paying members; the N.R.A. has five million.

"But, like many grass-roots groups, it is loud. Its members pepper Republican lawmakers with calls. In Republican primaries, the group supports candidates that hew to its message, and it rates floor votes with criteria far tougher than the N.R.A.’s. Senator Max Baucus of Montana, one of the few Democrats to earn an A from the N.R.A., has a D-minus from the group (GOA)."


Maybe if the NRA would stop revving up the weenie wagon (h/t to Mike Vanderboegh), we wouldn't waste so much time undoing the unnecessary damage wrought by 'compromise'.