Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Elliot Fineman, Not Living In Illinois or Reality

Well first of all Elliot Fineman of the NGVAC defends 'Snuffy' Phleger's threats against a gun shop owner, then, in a roundabout way shows that FOID's and background checks are serving no purpose since Chicago is dead last in prosecuting firearm crimes.

But Elliot goes even farther:
Thanks to the gun lobby, Illinois gun owners enjoy almost complete freedom from regulation. They are unlicensed, their weapons are unregistered and they don’t even have to carry insurance like people who own pools and vicious dogs not to mention car owners.
Strange that there's this thing called a FOID, aka a gun license, in Illinois.  So is he ignorant and/or lying? 

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TL671 said...

So is he ignorant and/or lying? YES!

Mr. Kermit said...

More like the "Illinois gun owners" he refers to are the gangs, thugs, robbers, murderers, and ne'er-do-wells Chicago is so reluctant to prosecute. After all, none of that group applies for any sort of firearm permit, registers their guns, or purchases liability insurance for if/when they shoot someone...

tkdkerry said...

Doesn't matter which. He's a fool, which means he can't be educated, and he can't be shamed. We'll have to fight his ilk forever.