Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Crime in Pictures Pt III

Via GSL comes more 'teenagers' (and as John points out, illegal immigrants in a 'sanctuary' city) who the anti-gunners would list as 'children'. 

Both members of a gang, they decided to go out on a revenge killing and ended up killing another child, 14 yr old Michael Orozco.

From the trib and Sun Times.
 Police said the suspects and the victim were documented gang members. 

Police said Michael was affiliated with a gang and that the three taken into custody were rival gang members.
Shocking, isn't it?  And of course momma says he was an angel who never did anything wrong.

According to the CPD, 70% of the homicide victims in Chicago have criminal histories but that won't be mentioned when anti-gunners like the ICHV bemoan 'children involved in gun violence' (like the other half-dozen 'teenagers' shot over and since the weekend).  Countless laws were broken by the shooters/accessories but denying ME my rights and making even more laws would have made them think twice.  Duh.

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