Tuesday, April 9, 2013

MAIG Sockpuppets in Action

So not only is Bloomberg's MAIG using your tax dollars to pay for anti-gun activist employees in cities, but they're also going around on pro-gun message boards ' and promoting MAIG anti-gun bills w/o mentioning their affiliation.
 with this new ad that has this commenter’s exact same Pennsylvania-themed message, I decided to Google his name. Turns out that he’s a co-founder of a new anti-gun group in his city that is promoting MAIG-funded efforts in Pennsylvania. Of course, he never disclosed such affiliations when he was trying to tell gun owners to cool off their activism. Isn’t that just convenient?
I do find it interesting that Bloomberg’s allies are now trying to infiltrate pro-gun groups online in an effort to convince gun owners that there’s nothing to worry about and no reason at all to call lawmakers. I think they are tired of the fact that we’re not just going down quietly.
 Deception and lies are all they have.  They know that their bills will do exactly what we say they will so they have to go and be as dishonest as they can to try and convince people otherwise.

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Ericmt said...

Oh my gosh, I just tweeted this:

Mayors Against Illegal Guns losers going on pro-gun message boards to discourage activism. #gunocontrol http://daysofourtrailers.blogspot.com/2013/04/maig-sockpuppets-in-action.html?m=1 … @DemandAction

And @DemandAction favorited it! Check their account.


Thirdpower said...

So they either have a badly programmed 'bot or a badly programmed intern running their twitter feed.

Anonymous said...

You're the man.