Sunday, April 7, 2013

Gun Show Goodies

As I said yesterday, accessories were hit or miss at the show. Outside of ammo, gun and mag. prices were back down to normal retail.  All those nitwits paying $2k for an AR and $75 for mags are hopefully kicking themselves now.

Anywhoo, for one reason or another, my tables were a 'hit' so I treated myself to some wants and some needs. 

On the 'Needs', A bit back I traded my 1911 for a Baretta 92s. Unknown to me at the time, 92S accessories are a bitch to come by. It's an older model and the mag release is in a different spot than on the more common F and FS models (I'm thinking it was for 'teacup' style) so I was having a hard time finding a replacement grip (I didn't like the smooth walnut) and extra mags. Well one dealer had both.  I picked up a set of checkered rubber grips and a Pro Mag 92F mag that had the catch for the S model.  The grip was a wraparound which I didn't like so I trimmed the front and installed.
Then the 'wants'. Another vendor had an odd looking AK bayonet that neither he nor I knew the specifics on.  I took a couple of pics and did some research (netbook w/ wireless card be handy) and learned it was a Vietnamese model. I cried 'IT MUST BE MINE' and bought it.

Unfortunately, I had one of 'those' encounters at the show.  I response (although I was likely going to anyway), I purchased a Nowill design Israeli Combat Knife and just as an extra 'Eff off' I made sure numerous others knew of said encounter's views so he won't be getting much love at the next show. 

A good (though very long) weekend. 

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Lazy Bike Commuter said...

Wait, I'm confused. "Those encounters"?

Maybe I haven't been to enough gun shows? said...

"Those" Encounters. It took me a minute, since I'm the one who sold your that Israeli knife.

ISH (Mininerd) said...

"I hate Illinois Nazis."

Cormac said...

WOW! Lower parts kits have come down.

I might even be able to afford to get my AR making *BANG* sounds in time for the next Blogshoot...
Just need to arrange some time to go see my favorite Redneck Engineer so I can finish milling the damn thing.

Old NFO said...

Sounds like an overall win!

Anonymous said...

My son enjoyed the hat we got him, and it fit perfectly! He wore it all day after I gave it to him.

For that matter, I have enjoyed my hat too... wish I would have picked up a Multicam one too.