Wednesday, December 21, 2011

'Vigilante Justice'?

The interns at the Brady Campaign tweeted a link to Baldr calling most CCW holders wannabe 'Wyatt Earps' (even though Baldr faced liar is now denying those words) and 'vigilante's'. Here's the example Baldr uses of 'vigilantism':
Here's one recent example where a man witnessed a purse robber, then took matters into his own hands to chase the guy down and then shoot him dead. Is the robbery of a purse from an old woman worth killing someone over? Is this sort of vigilante justice what we want in America?
Now this poor 'purse robber' we've talked about before. He didn't just 'rob' her, he violently assaulted her and then drew on the CCW holder.

So again, gun control advocates don't really care about reducing violent crime, they just care about people owning scary guns.

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Weer'd Beard said...

Actually if the purse snatching had ended with the good Samaritan getting shot because he was disarmed, that would be an IDEAL case for asking for more gun control laws.

They hate us because we have guns, but they also hate lawfully held guns because they get in their way of portraying guns as murder-machines killing good an innocent people.

Well also the criminal nature of a lot of the "Gun Violence" victims gets in the way they like to gloss over the fact that the "Poor child" who was shot was a 26 year old Crack dealer on parole for severely beating his girlfriend and putting her in the hospital, and stabbing a junkie who wouldn't pay up. (BTW two separate paroles, not just one)

TerriLiGunn said...

PSH,lies, and ignoring the truth. Sounds like we got their standard trifecta.