Friday, December 23, 2011

Guns For Me But Not For Thee

Mobile, AL Mayor Sam Jones, as a member of MAIG, wants to do everything he can to limit your ability to protect yourself and make firearm ownership as difficult as possible. But it's certainly OK for him to own and use one:
Mobile Mayor Sam Jones holds intruder at gunpoint; man says God sent him
I wonder how many rounds that .38 held? Was it an 'assault clip'?

Just like NYC Mayor Bloomberg and former Chicago Mayor Daley and current Emmanual who have armed contigents 24/7, they're all hypocrites.

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Anonymous said...

This mayor should be dipped in tar and feathers. How dare he ! He thinks he has the right to a gun and self defense but not me ?

Braden Lynch said...

Oh, the hypocrisy! It's burning hot in its intensity. I cannot directly look at it for fear of being blinded.

I understand the need for a firearm for self-defense, so I have them for it myself. However, to remain pure and consistent, I think that MAIG should officially drum him out of the organization. In addition, any one of them that benefits from an armed security detachment. How many would they leave in the group then?

Oh yeah, the word verification phrase was, "seenadic" which seems very appropriate.