Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ban 'Assault Bats' For The Children

Yesterday I posted an article on a teenager who got shot while robbing a house armed w/ a baseball bat. Here's another 'child victim of gun violence' while innocently out for a late night game of baseball:
KINGMAN, Ariz. — Kingman police say a 19-year-old woman shot and wounded a 15-year-old boy who broke into her home with another man and began beating her and her boyfriend with baseball bats.
Never upset a mother bear in her den. Now remember, Gun Control Advocates tell us that she should have given in to the demands of the criminals and that she would more likely be a danger to herself or family w/ a gun. They're also going to add the 15yr old to their numbers of 'victims'.

Does that sound right to you? Should she have trusted her and her infants life to the good will of two violent criminals?

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1 comment:

Braden Lynch said...

It's the fault of the mother and her boyfriend for just being in the wrong location! If they had avoided high crime areas like her bedroom and the family room, they would of been fine.

Also, they should have just given them what they wanted to do; the sheer fun of beating them with a baseball bat. When they got tired it would have been over. Her use of a firearm was pure vigilantism.

...end sarcasm