Monday, December 19, 2011

Brady Campaign Censors, Lies and Politicizes Tragedies

In the wake of their underwhelming announcement this morning, Sean left a comment over on their FB page. They deleted it and blocked him. Then they lied about it to try and give themselves the moral high ground:
John leaves a comment calling them on it. It's also been subject to 'reasoned discourse'. Then they go on a tangent trying to distract from the fact that crime has continued to decrease even as the Brady Bunch continues it's slide into irrelevancy. See, those facts don't fit their worldview so they have to politicize as many tragedies as they can.

SOP for them.

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Kurt "45superman" Hofmann said...

SOP for them.

Yep--I guess the intern is starting to figure out the preferred modus operandi.

Sean D Sorrentino said...

All I suggested was that they go to the 'hoods and barrios and confront the drug gangs that commit the majority of the murders rather than once again blame me and other lawful gun owners.

For some reason they didn't like that.

Ken said...

Sounds like Sean hit a nerve. Apparently they have a fear that people might conclude that they are physical cowards. But who would ever have thought that the Brady Bunch, who wet their pants and shriek hysterically over the fact that someone, somewhere, might have a tool to enable them to protect their wives and children, would be cowards?

For instance, John Woods, a spokesman for gun control, bravely played dead at Virginia Tech so the shooter would kill his girlfriend instead of him. Ladd Everitt, who never served in the military, now shaves his head in an attempt to look like a Marine, but ends up looking like Moby instead. (Not the whale, the so-called musician). These guys are true heroes.

Chuck Kuecker said...

Caught them myself. Proof:

Chuck Kuecker said...

And, apparently, I'm now blocked, too.

David said...

It should be no surprise that a group formed on the foundation of offending the second amendment would also have a strong distaste for the first.