Thursday, September 1, 2011

WaPo/NYT Still the Apologists for "O"

Nevermind that incompetence from multiple Gov't agencies led to the death of at least one border agent and countless Mexican citizens... the 'editorialists' apologists at the Washington Post and NYT think it's all the NRA's fault:

...The real scandal here is America’s refusal to curb the flow of gun traffic from the United States to murderous cartels in Mexico. That failure stems from National Rifle Association pressure on Congress to keep the ATF weak and from President Obama’s reluctance to confront that political obstacle...

...But to set the demoralized bureau straight it needs a permanent director. It has been without one for five years, as the gun lobby’s bipartisan claque blocks any move that would allow the bureau to better do its job...
Again, nevermind the fact that "O"'s nominee for the job is an anti-gun hack If the 'Acting Directors' were so incompetent, they shouldn't have been their in the first place.

And 'High powered war rifles'? Really? Come on. They need to pull their heads out of the Lightbringers' rear long enough to see it isn't 1994 any more.

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Chas said...

ATF's billion-dollar-a-year budget + claim ATF “toothless" = Bullshit!

The Washington Post can peddle that lie to the 99.9% of the public that doesn’t know how big ATF’s budget is, but they can’t sell it to me. ATF is stupid, ignorant, rotten and just plain evil, but toothless they are not - not while they’re getting a billion dollars worth of teeth every year courtesy of US taxpayers. The commie cocksuckers at the Washington Post wouldn’t be grateful to American taxpayers for two seconds because they are angry with us because they think that we don’t pay enough in taxes. They would be satisfied if the tax rate was 100%, which is the definition of communism.
Every year, we buy ammunition for ATF’s guns, and in return, they shoot us for exercising our constitutional right to bear arms. That is, when they’re not running guns to criminals so that the criminals can shoot us, or the Border Patrol, or Mexican citizens. It’s time to shut down that scummy organization and restore freedom and the constitutional rights of Americans that were unconstitutionally taken from us by Congress. The disaster needs to be cleaned up. ATF has to be stopped, before they kill again.

Anonymous said...

high-powered war rifles - a.k.a; fire sticks of pale face.