Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Huffpo Cesspool Bubbles

SIH points to the denizens of Huffpo having conniptions over a Glock being raffled off in Arizona by the GOP.

And they display the usual forms of 'tolerance' shown by self proclaimed 'progressives':

Rethugrica­ns promoting 2nd amendment rights to assassinat­e those who disagree with them - what's so shocking about that?

Of course, republican­s are pro-child murder so that's not surprising­. Child murder is usually a very profitable business and offering a free gun is a good way to draw in the money matters more than morals crowd.

This is intended as a crude warning, ala Don Corleone. They're telling her not to run again.

They actually wanted the actual weapon but the "evidence" was held for the trial ....... Figured it would draw more ticket buyers ..... Oh well ...

Perhaps we can encourage the lucky winner to shoot themselves in the head as a great way to meet Jesus.
All w/ multiple 'favorite' clicks. That last one followed immediately by this:
Republican­s and an utter lack of class: the real constant in American politics.

The levels of mental derangement shown by fanatics never ceases to surprise me.

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alcade said...

You have to admit, this is a pretty lame move on the part of the Republicans.

What better way to showcase that they are concerned about jobs than to raffle off an American made pistol?

Sigivald said...

alcade: So, it's lame because it wasn't posture-y enough?

Glock employs lots of Americans; they make boatloads of pistols at their Smyrna plant.

All for export (which boosts American balance of trade numbers!), for countries that can't/won't import from Austria or get better rates for American-made goods.

That the Glocks sold in the US are made in Austria doesn't change that - and frankly, the last thing I want politicians doing is caring about "made in America" rather than demand and value of goods.

They can "care about jobs" without posturing.

Well, in theory - local AZ politicos can't do jack about national employment, and best affect local employment by doing nothing.

alcade said...

Can't recognize when someone is being facetious, can we?