Monday, August 1, 2011

So Tell Me PEG-Heads

How many of you could have named Gabrielle Giffords as a Congressional Representative or even knew where she was from before Jan. 8th?

Will you say the same thing if she doesn't come out for your pet gun restrictions or will we start seeing the usual hit pieces against her?

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AuricTech said...

Well, while I'm not a square PEG*, I know I voted for her opponent, Jesse Kelly, in the November 2010 election. One thing I noted is that two Arizona districts were too close to call on Election Night, and both of them miraculously went to the Democrats.

*All the cool kids are in favor of rights enumerated in the Constitution; those square PEGs just aren't with it.... ;-)

Jacob said...

If these people cared so much about Giffords then why wasn't she endorsed by the antis in previous elections?

ExurbanKevin said...

Well, considering I live in The Copper State and actively supported Jonathan Paton's bid for her seat... :)

Anonymous said...


"Her" seat?

Those seats belong to the people!