Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Chicago v Toronto: UPDATE

Some gun control groups are touting a series called 'Under the Gun',(UPDATE: brought to you by a grant from the Joyce Foundation) proclaiming that we need Canadian style gun control here because of the violence in Chicago. Nevermind the fact that Chicago already has some of the strictest laws in the nation, let's take a look as some other factors that might, just might, have more to do w/ the difference:
That guy was looking for somebody to kill. He was a gang-banger, and he been back over here shooting since then,” she said...

Lawrence adopted her great-grandson Shawn when he was four because Lawrence's granddaughter gave up all three of her children. Lawrence says her granddaughter just didn't want to be bothered with raising them...

Back in Englewood, Shawn Carter's great-grandmother she says Shawn's killer later shot up their corner when kids and families were outside on their front porches.

She's had some contact with the detectives working Shawn's case and says she thinks Shawn's killer got arrested for shooting a little girl.

“I found out he was locked up, police say he was locked up. But the detective he thought he'd never get charged with Shawn's murder,” she said.

Lawrence says that's because the boy who was with Shawn when he was killed refused to point out the killer in a police lineup. She figures he's too scared to do it....
Violent gang bangers, a justice system incapable of dealing w/ it, poverty, broken families... just to name a few factors w/ the highest crime rates being where these factors are most prevalent (like the Englewood neighborhood). But like the fact that CCW holders are prevalently law-abiding, that doesn't fit that narrative that gun control advocates need to endorse to try and restrict firearms.

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ExurbanKevin said...

Canadian-style gun control would be a step UP for Chicago. True, there is no CCW in Canada, but you can own and shoot handguns in Canada. Heck, IPSC is alive and well up north, something that can't be said for the gun-free idyllic paradise of The Windy City.

Anonymous said...

They do not want to reduce crime, that is just an excuse. The real goal is to make civilian firearm ownership illegal.

Anonymous said...

Did ya notice...

"Support for reporting on gun violence comes from a grant from John Jay College Center on Media, Crime and Justice, with the Joyce and David Bohnett foundations."

At the bottom.

Great Wall of Texas

Timmeehh said...

I was born and raised in Toronto. The difference between Chicago and Toronto has nothing to do with guns, it's all about the people.

The only dangerous areas of Toronto are the ones dominated by Negroes.

I also lived in Vancouver for many years. Most of the violent crime there was perpetrated by the Asian gangs.

The criminals in Toronto and Vancouver carry guns, despite the law.

Chas said...

That should read, "Support for generating gun control propaganda comes from a grant from John Jay College with the Joyce and David Bohnett foundations."

Those organizations are getting the media to say what they want said by paying the media to say it.