Friday, August 12, 2011

More Joyce Astroturfing (UPDATE)

Oh look. Another 'Grassroots' blog run by a Joyce Foundation puppet citing other Joyce Foundation bought and paid for 'research'.


Oh look. It is run by the same Joyce puppet as 'Ohh Shoot'.

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Divemedic said...

Not only that, but a Google search of the names of the shooters in the incidents on his page shows that the shooters were all criminals and prohibited persons BEFORE the shooting took place.

When one of the shooters was arrested, he was found to have 30 marijuana plants and a quantity of methamphetamine, and the gun used in the shooting was stolen.

How is that an indictment of lawful gun owners?

Braden Lynch said...

Your straight forward research above shows that, if you are a criminal then you are not likely to be polite and that you may be involved in a road rage incident.

I did not appreciate their snide remark that an armed society is not necessarily polite. Reality: Criminals are the very definition of impolite.

Perhaps this organization should focus instead on advocating for the incarceration of criminals.

I'm well educated so I can say that places like Harvard are pathetic jokes. They think they are brilliant and yet they are reality challenged.

Weer'd Beard said...

Any word if its "Ohh Shoot" and who that might be?

Thirdpower said...


Different group runs that but still a Joyce puppet:

Anonymous said...

Ooh Shoot:

Jacob said...

Because it has link to States United to Prevent Gun Violence, I'm going to take a guess and say that Armed Road Rage is operated by Andy Pelosi, the former director of New Yorkers Against Gun Violence. Andy has been involved with various antigun organizations over the years.

Chas said...

Markie Marxist sez: "My commie compadres at 'Armed Road Rage' have a really cool idea! We can single out and hammer our political enemies, white male gun owners, any time that one of them misbehaves with a gun on the road, while completely ignoring the way that our Sacred African-American Allies, who we revere ad nauseum, run around the streets every day shooting each other. The ARR people do a really nice job of creating a selective focus on our political enemies! Unfortunately, the blog is turning out to have about as much exciting appeal as cardboard. The only people it's attracting are angry gun owners. It's like a whale carcass attracting hungry sharks, which is not too useful when one is trying to market the whale.“
“We Marxists just can't get the traction with the public that we used to get. The thrill is gone. I mean, my commie compadre, Comrade President Obama is doing a great job of communizing America, but the country is getting so dreary with people on unemployment with no jobs because their capitalist companies folded, and people's favorite capitalist stores and restaurants closing, and a general air of gloom and decline, that people are getting nostalgic for the very capitalism that we are so purposefully doing away with. Oh, well, they'll just have to get used to us Marxists making everything out of really crappy cardboard - including our blogs! It's, uh, good for the environment or something like that."
“This song reminds me of the Marxist wasteland that we’re creating for America. It almost makes it sound like it’s going to be pretty. Look at all the nice toys the kid has! Ha! Ha!”