Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mom's Annual Training

My mom's down for her annual visit w/ the kids so of course I use some of the time to keep her somewhat in practice w/ her little Keltec P-32. Accuracy still sucks but she can load, fire and hit a man-sized target at about 20' and she's comfortable w/ it so I consider that a success.

I also got her to try out the Ruger 10/22. She enjoyed shooting it.

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bohu said...

Oh man, I love the P32. I use these things in my CCW classes. They have the mildest recoil of all the 32 caliber pistols and they are REALLY small.

And the best part is, women can pack a p32 and still dress girly. Which means they will actually choose to carry.

Weer'd Beard said...

At that range all but the IPSC pros are gonna suck. Still if you could get her stance a little more aggressively forward it might help her a lot. Just keep telling her to keep her weight on her front foot, and stop crossing her thumbs, and she'll be doing loads better!

Thirdpower said...

I actually did mention the crossed thumbs thing but she kept doing it anyway. She learned why after the slide caught her.

Weer'd Beard said...

LOL Sounds like my Mom!

Or me, for that matter. Some lessons you just need to learn for yourself.