Monday, January 3, 2011

Sorry Charlie, You're Delusional

In Illinois, there is a gun control advocate by the name of Stephen Young. He's involved w/ the Illinois Council against Handgun Violence Ownership (ICHV), a Joyce puppet group, was an organizer for the MMM before it collapsed while under investigation for tax fraud, and was also a litigant in one of the many lawsuits against firearm companies PuSH'ers determined were 'public nuisances' back in the late '90's.

He got into all this because his son was killed due to an underage, known gangbanger who got the gun from another underage gang-banger etc. The gun was traced back to a straw purchaser. Now instead of working w/ the BATFE and authorities to get this straw purchaser and/or the dealer convicted on multiple charges and/or toughen the laws against them, they decided to sue, in civil court, anyone and everyone even remotely associated w/ the gun, from manufacturer to distributors to dealer. When the Illinois Supreme Court (not known for being gun friendly) threw out the suit, he threw a hissy fit:
And still the Illinois Supreme Court says we didn't present any ''evidence of wrongdoing''? What do they need? A signed confession from the entire industry?

Then he went into teaching. At NorthWestern University, he taught a class called “The Politics Of Guns and the 2nd Amendment” and worked for the ICPGV (now merged w/ the ICHV). I'm sure this was a completely non-biased course dedicated to teaching students both sides of the issue, right? Especially when he makes statements like this:
the vast majority of modern American gun law is the work of the NRA. Compare their results to the rest of the world and you'd have to say their work is a failure.
Foreign governments keep guns off their streets. They don't allow gun industry lobbyists to write their firearms laws.
I also learned during the Bell Campaign that when the NRA is attacking you, and they came after us constantly, you’re doing something right.
Now, having watched the gun ban lobby achieve failure after failure over the last few years, he's hoping to build a time machine and 'unify' the 'grassroots movement'.

Hate to tell you Stephen (no, that's not true) there is no 'grassroots' for gun control anymore. Your own article says why:
This was during the late 1990’s, when gun violence was one of the top two or three issues covered in the media.
So when the media went away, so did your 'grassroots' support. Your groups survive not by activism/donations from your membership, but by grants from politically motivated foundations like the Joyces. When that money dries up, so do you. Just ask the 'Gun Guys'.

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Anonymous said...

It's like blaming Ford or GM because you had an accident during a snowstorm.