Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Brady Campaign Living in the Past

Dennis "I forgot the People" Henigan decides to try and re-argue a case from two years ago, Heller v DC, again claiming it's a victory for 'reasonable gun control'. Chicago tried to re-argue Heller in McDonald v Chicago. They got their pee pee's slapped for it.

Now why did I put that nickname for him in quotes? Because the internet never forgets. While he repeats his claim that the majority justices were ignorant and politically biased, we'll keep reminding the world that he misquoted the 2A while standing on the steps of the appellate court. Then later tried to scrub said truncation.

This is the stage their anti-rights lobby is at. Living in the past and trying to rewrite history.

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kaveman said...

I sent the link to japete about Henigan's misquote and this is her response in it's entirity...

"Come on everybody, This is nonsense. Dennis was interviewed and was stating that the FIRST part of the second amendment was being ignored. That is the emphasis in his book and was the emphasis in this video. It is totally disingenuous and false of you guys to say he left out some wording on purpose. He was not asked to quote the entire second amendment in this interview. Did you see the rest of the interview or know where it is so you can see the context of his words? He was not misrepresenting the second amendment. This is nonsense on so many levels to say that he left out part of it. You guys are so paranoid. Thanks for sending it. Now I know why you guys are so misinformed. "

John Richardson said...

The "reasonable regulation" bit is the same crap they put in their amicus brief in the NRA-sponsored case, D'Cruz v BATFE, which is challenging handgun purchase restriction on adults under the age of 21.