Saturday, January 8, 2011

21 yr old Children?

That's the message our favorite Brady Campaign punching bag Japete/Joan Peterson is trying to send about Concealed Carry on Campus. Her exact words:
kids will actually be allowed to carry guns on campus
Yep. No mention of the fact that CCW is licensed to 21 year olds and over.

And when I asked her the very simple and polite question : Do you classify 21+ year olds as 'children'?

The comment went down the memory hole.


Because she knows that if she answers it honestly she would then have to fess up to the fact she is trying to deliberately mischaracterize the issue and convince people the evil NRA is wanting to hand out guns to grade-schoolers. Her presented defense is anecdotes that something 'might' go wrong.

I'm not really surprised. It's fairly standard for gun control advocates to want to 'discuss' things and 'compromise', then get all butt hurt and play the wounded maiden routine when they get called on their fabrications, outright nonsense and unwillingness to do anything but push for more restrictions. When the wounded maiden routine gets old, they start in w/ the insults, ad hominems and character attacks in the same vein as their only supporting commentors. As Uncle puts it "Why won't you cousin humping rednecks just let us ban your guns already".

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Linoge said...

That woman must have an undiagnosed, and rather significant, case of aphasia, or something very similar... she insists on using words that are simply incorrect for the context of the situation, and then defending those choices vociferously and idiotically, even when corrected... I really have to wonder if something is simply short-circuited in her wiring.

Sarah said...

Linoge, I think that she, like any other nanny stater, thinks of a lot of people of varying ages as children. The overwhelming majority of college students are at least eighteen years old which, of course, means that they are no longer children according to both the law and America's social traditions. Though the 18-20 year-old students can't legally carry, they're adults - but japete thinks of them, and their older peers, as children because she's a nanny stater and a shrieking lunatic.

So, really, I think that she selected the correct word in this instance - the right one in HER mind, not in mine.

Weer'd Beard said...

The scary truth is Joan Peterson is a Child. Wrinkles and Grey hair...but a child.

How else could you explain her aversion to self-reliance.

Linoge said...

the right one in HER mind, not in mine

See, though, that is the very definition of aphasia... ;)

Chas said...

Anti's argue like lawyers. It's an adversarial thing. Unfortunately, there's no judge to rein them in when they get too crazy, except the Court of Public Opinion.

Chas said...

Markie Marxist sez: "We can't allow college kids to carry guns! Look at all the sympathy we got out of Virginia Tech! You think that would have gone so well for our body count if one kid had up and shot Cho right at the start? We need dead bodies to advance our gun ban agenda, and college kids make real good dead bodies! Joan Peterson is correct; keep those kids defenseless, so they can die for our cause!"

Chas said...

Yeesh! Made the mistake of going to her site and looking at her picture. She's an ugly, old castratrix, ain’t she?