Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ignoring History

The 'leadership' (and I use the word loosely) in Illinois have reached an 'agreement' to waste more of our money and drive more people/businesses out of the state.

SPRINGFIELD — Gov. Quinn and the Democratic legislative leaders have struck an agreement to raise the income tax on individuals from 3 percent to 5 ¼-percent

Oh but it's 'temporary' and 'for the children'. When has a tax increase EVER been temporary? Why does the legislature historically pull an equal amount from education whenever they add a new funding source?

Oh, right, because they're incompetent twits who's only mission in life is to get re-elected and give jobs to their cronies.

So for people who voted for Quinn et al., when the state economy continues to collapse while all that money is being taken out of your checks and not a DIME gets added to the schools...

Guess what? You did it.

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John Richardson said...

I opened the link to the story and I think I've found the problem.

"Quinn disclosed the deal with House Speaker Michael Madigan (D-Chicago) and Senate President John Cullerton (D-Chicago) during a closed-door session"

The Speaker and Senate President are both from Chicago. Need I say more?

alcade said...

I really wish there was a way for Illinois to succeed from Chicago.

alcade said...


chiefjaybob said...

Did you see what the proposal is for business tax? From 4.8% to 8.4%!!! As if we don't have enough businesses pouring out of this place. God help us.

Michael said...

The business tax change WILL drive business from the state. The Fortune 50 company I world for is already looking at the cost of moving the hq out of state. The social security holiday enacted by the 2010 congress will be eaten up by the fiscally irresponsible a-holes in Illinois government. Bottom line? We're screwed.

Chas said...

That is a 75% (read: seventy-five percent) income tax hike. Marxist expropriation. Rahm will love it. All that free money. That’ll the po’ folks in Chicago real glad.