Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Rats Fouling the Nest

Long story short:

Guy buys land in rural NC to raise his family and shoot guns. Later, developers build really expensive houses nearby and sell them to yuppies . Yuppies then proceed to try and stop guy from shooting because it's scary and loud.

Screw these people. They probably bought the houses w/o even visiting the area and are now trying to turn it into the same type of craphole they left.

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Unorganized Militia Gear

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alcade said...

I hear about that a lot. The city folks want to "get away," then turn their escape into a little liberal haven. As soon as they arrive, they start clamoring for new zoning laws and join the homeowners' association so they can decide how high your bushes may grow. Some of my neighbors came from the city, but he's never mentioned a thing about my heavy gunfire.

Anonymous said...

There is a gun club in Bowie Maryland that has a similar story. The city elected wanted to close it down, so they used eminent domain to put in a walking path right behind the backstops, and then closed the range because it was dangerous to the pedestrians. The club changed the orientation of the ranges and is still open (as far as I know).

Hat Trick said...

Here in my area, in two seperate cases, a fine trapshooting club was shut down by the neighboring high-end subdivision that was built on top of them.