Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Avoiding the Question 'Why?

Our flavor of the day asked for some stats on crime rates in Canada and Illinois when it was pointed out that firearm crime rates decreased in proportion to overall crime rates in Canada and Chicago has 5x the murder rate of the rest of the state of Illinois, especially focused in certain neighborhoods.

I asked "So did firearm laws cause a decrease in non-firearm crimes?" and "Why does Chicago boast a 5x higher homicide rate than the rest of the state?"

Well the first question was completely ignored. His response to the second was:
Chicago has been a particularly violent city. But the guns used in crime there have been traced back to sources outside of Chicago and into neighboring states. Weaker regulation in those areas is the real downfall of Chicago, making ineffective the strict gun laws there (not as strict now, of course). It'll be interesting to follow the statistics following the recent legal changes there.
Yep, it's all the gun's fault. Apparently they have some sort of mind control that particularly effects Chicago residents in comparison to the rest of the residents of the state where firearms are legal and common.

So I asked again. Why is there such a disparity? What makes Chicago so violent they need to smuggle in guns? Let's see if we get an answer or it it's avoided again.

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Weer'd Beard said...

When your debate opponent is being paid by the Joyce Foundation NOT to answer, one is wise to not hold your breath.

Anonymous said...

If they are able to trace these guns to other locals.... Then why aren't they charging somebody on these illegal dealings? Chicago's had all these gun bans, the state and federal government restrict selling to minors, criminals, etc. Every time a chicago newspaper paper gets opened up, its some underaged gang banger with a criminal jacket 3 inches thick that's been plea bargained out for the last several years.

Gee there ought to be a law..... Wait there is! Several of them in fact!

Anonymous said...

It is only logical that the guns used in Chicago are traced back to other locations. How many gun stores are located in Chicago??
I also do not acept the premise that crime in America can be equated with crime in other countries. Too many other variables to factor in. Mexico which has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the world has a horrific crime rate. Israel and Switzerland which have some of the lowest crime rates in the world have very few gun restrictions. Canada has a population of 33 million in a land mass larger than the U.S. We have 300 million. Population density and crowding may be a very big factor in crime. The tool used to commit a crime is irrelevant. Crime is crime, blame the criminal because individual responsibility trumps all.
Paul in Texas

Chas said...

"Let's see if we get an answer or it it's avoided again."