Tuesday, January 18, 2011

UnPossible School Shooting

By a 10th Grade (alleged) gang banger in Los Angeles. Had a gun in his backpack and dropped the pack causing the gun to fire.

Good thing California has all those strict gun laws and is #1/A rated by gun control groups. Obviously this story is made up

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Unorganized Militia Gear

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Dannytheman said...

There you go again, picking on the poor black child! Have you know shame. Just ask his momma, she will tell you he is the best son she ever had. He is an angel and goes to church every Sunday, walking uphill both ways.


45superman said...

That California "safe gun roster," with the drop test, seems to be working swimmingly, eh?

LC Scotty said...

TP-I did not see any alleged gang ties in the article. While I suspect that you are probably correct, is there any way to check this assertion?

Thirdpower said...

It was stated that the school is experiencing gang violence and other articles stated that the shooting was under investigation as other than an accident.

Chas said...

Liberalism is gutting that state. It already has, financially. By the time that the liberals are done with California, communism will seem like salvation. I suppose that's the plan.