Monday, December 20, 2010

Did They Really Do That?

Every once in a while, when gun control advocates keep repeating "we just want 'reasonable, common-sense' laws for the children", it's good to keep in mind the things they HAVE done and said in the not so distant past.

Did the Joyce Foundation group Freedom States Alliance (now part of States United) try and ban the use of pellet guns by JROTC?


Here's some of the choicer phrases they used in the petition:

high-powered pellet gun ranges

Children who are taught to use weapons and violence to solve problems will not always enter the military. Some will make violence their civilian career and they may not remain in San Diego -- they could settle anywhere in the world and commit violent crimes. This is NOT what we want to teach our kids.

then issue them weapons inside.

Because JROTC teaches kids just to shoot anyone they disagree w/ and has them strutting around the school w/ 'high powered' weapons. Right.

These are the actions and beliefs of mainstream gun control advocacy.

Update: And via Seattle GRE, the truth is even stupider than the fiction they use as Paul Helmke continues to attack the NTRA:

A leading gun violence prevention group notes that more than 10,000 people received emergency room treatment for pellet and BB gun injuries in 2009. And Daisy Outdoor Products, maker of the Red Ryder, acknowledged that gun awareness has hurt sales.

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FatWhiteMan said...

When I was in JROTC, we competed with 22LR and had a rifle range on the high school campus.

They use air rifles now but even that is too much for the anti-freedom crowd.

But there's no slippery slope or anything, they'll tell you that.

Old Jarhead said...

From the sound of what these people put out, a nerf rifle could be classified as too powerful and dangerous. What a bunch of fools.

Anonymous said...

I think gun control laws, which are ALL contrary to the 2nd Amendment unless they deal with the use of arms in the commission of other crimes, should be fought and repealed FOR THE PROTECTION of our CHILDREN'S rights and liberties.

When I was in school, we kept our shotguns, rifles and handguns in our UNLOCKED vehicles in the parking lot OF THE SCHOOL. I don't remember ever hearing of a theft or any other kind of problem.

Just sayin'