Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Illinois -1

According to the Census Data released today, Illinois will, as expected, lose a seat in the House of Representatives. Down from 19 to 18. Just a hair under 715,000 people per representative.

The redistricting should be entertaining.

Update. According to the news, the district they're looking at dumping is the 17th at the west edge of the state. This was gerrymandered heavily after the 1980 census and was in Democrat hands from '83 to this last election. Now that its been taken by a Republican (Endorsed by the NRA AQ) who won handily, they're looking at getting rid of it.


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danno said...

Illinois' loss is Arizona's gain!

Old Jarhead said...

Congrats, Danno. I wonder who lost out to TX, it seems as if we are getting 4 new seats, and there is a conservative super-majority in the State legislature. Last time there was redistricting in TX, the Dems in the legislature packed up and went to Oklahoma because they were afraid that there would be districts of theirs that get the ax. The Gov was threatening to arrest all of them. They did loose some, now it appears as if there will be 2 Dem districts left in the state after the next redistricting.

Crustyrusty said...

Nah, no Gerrymandering in IL...

danno said...

Congrats back atcha Old JH... Seeing how both Ohio and Ney York lost 2 each, I'll nominate them as your donor states!

BTW, on a mathematical basis, AZ going from 8 -> 9 is exactly the same as TX going 32 -> 36.

That's gonna leave a mark in the 2012 election.