Thursday, July 1, 2010

More Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth on McDonald

Besides the usual suspects trying to salvage their jobs, The real loonballs are starting to come out of the woodwork.

First up we have Pam Adams of the Peoria (IL) Star Journal. Her opinion is the recent ruling is meant to disarm blacks because it maintains its restrictions on prohibited persons:

The process by which this decision was reached, however, harbors the most cynical uses of race.

..there is evidence to suggest that expanding gun rights will once again limit the right of disproportionate numbers of black citizens to bear arms.

Yes, that was the reasoning of the court. Keep a prohibition on felons so we can disarm blacks.

Then we have the Socialists. Their defense of the 'collective rights' theory ignores the majority of historical scholarship on the subject but they even contradict themselves.

The original purpose of the amendment was to prevent Congress from disarming the state militias, which would eliminate the militias as a bulwark against national tyranny.

These attacks cannot be combated through individual “self-defense,” but require collective political and social struggle, based on the mass mobilization of the working class.

So they're going to combat attacks by 'mobilizing' a disarmed working class? I'm sure a tyrannical gov't would be impressed. According to basic socialist/communist theory, you're not supposed to disarm the populace until AFTER the revolution.

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