Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jessie Jackson Opposes Civil Rights

In a bit of irony, the 'Reverend' Jessie Jackson considers the expansion of an enumerated right a "Step in the wrong direction".

He wants a 'state of emergency' and a 'war on gun violence and drugs' declared. Until then,he feels that keeping Otis McDonald, the Lawson Family, and Adam Orlov unarmed victims a better solution than letting them protect themselves because gun control 'studies' say they might hurt themselves.

Again I say:
"Sure, I'll support more gun laws for you, as soon as you have your congregation write the names of every family member and neighbor that belongs to a gang and has a gun hidden on this sheet of paper. Let me know when you're done and we'll hold a joint press conference to name names and start to really bring the cycle of violence to an end."

Sound fair? I'm sure the sound of silence will be deafening.

But the fun part? He goes on:

Laying off teachers, closing schools, proposing shorter school days, reducing public transportation, laying off transit workers and raising fees for public transportation and public parking will only aggravate the crisis of violence in the city. The basic issues in the zones of pain are not being addressed. Neighborhoods facing high crime and violence are also facing record home foreclosure rates and student loan defaults.

While his buddy Daley has spent millions on this lawsuit and will spend millions more on court costs, legal fees and useless legislation, all the while he walks around w/ a tax payer funded armed contingent of body guards and his nephew loses millions of dollars in TIF funds. Must be those damn Zionists again.

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Anonymous said...

Yet Al Sharpton made the stunning on-air admission that the overwhelming majority of his listeners are pleased with the US Supreme Court's decision.