Monday, June 28, 2010

Quotes of the Day: McDonald Edition

What I would like to suggest to the mayor is he take those millions of dollars that he’s spent in litigation or will continue to spend in litigation and use that to improve his education system in the city of Chicago..

--Don Moran. President. Illinois State Rifle Assoc.

The Chicago crime buffet is over, we are not prey…

--Colleen Lawson. Litigant. McDonald v Chicago

Via CNN video

And Daley the moron: "that person has a right to have a gun in his home? Does he have the right to point it at a child?"

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Unorganized Militia Gear

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Thomas F said...

If that "child" is a 16-19 year old...

(since this is the top limit for reporting children's deaths for the GFW)

...crack headed gangster wannabe that is breaking into my house to do me harm in the pursuit of some of my hard earned stuff to procure some other illicit substance, then HELL YEAH I can point my gun at a child!!!!

Armed US Citizen said...

All I have to say is, "...we are not prey..." beautifully said. We will not be prey! Let those who have been victimizing Chicagoans, because they know them to be unarmed, go on notice!

Earl said...

No one said the law against murder, assault and threatening bodily harm were over turned. Just the stupid laws against keeping and bearing arms -- can't that Mayor think any better than that?

Sorry, he is a very favorite son, he never had to think.

Anonymous said...

"Does he have the right to point it at a child?" - Dumbo the Kulak
Only if he is a goon-guard or concealed carrying friend of Dumbo - at least in HIS worldview...