Monday, June 28, 2010

The Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth Begins

I won't like to the 'Gun Guys' but here's part of the statement from the Joyce Puppet Illinois Council Against Handgun Ownership. They're singing the same tune as before w/ Heller.

"We believe this ruling affirms a host of effective laws and viable solutions to preventing gun violence. The Court's opinion clearly allows for requiring background checks on all gun sales,... Furthermore, we are confident that when the gun lobby litigates and challenges these policies the courts will ultimately uphold the constitutionality of these gun laws."

They then rant on about kids running around w/ guns and us wanting to 'arm everybody'.
The VPC (another Joyce Puppet) is takes the rhetoric to a higher level w/ their usual nonsense:

"People will die because of this decision. It is a victory only for the gun lobby and America's fading firearms industry.

They're really detached from reality.

And Paul Helmke declares victory:

"The Court again recognized that the Second Amendment allows for reasonable restrictions on firearms, including who can have them and under what conditions, where they can be taken, and what types of firearms are available. "

They still consider classifying a .22 semi-auto handgun a 'machinegun' to be 'reasonable'. That's the way DC set it up.

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tony said...

"People will die because of this decision."

Yeah, the bad guys.

Anonymous said...

I hope it scares every single progressive/liberal in the country to death - literally!!


kaveman said...

Tonight should be fun on HuffPo. Keep the interweb tubes warm till I get there.

kaveman said...

"If the ban is overturned, we will see a lot of common-sense approaches in the city aimed at protecting first responders," Daley said."


Once the ban is lifted, the first responders will be the home owners.

Anonymous said...

*giggles* If you deny it hard enough, it will simply vanish, and go away, like it never happened.

Those folks are not even on speaking terms with reality...

Anonymous said...

Fading firearms industry???
The only industry positively affected by the obama regime and the only industry to grow during the present recession.
I think I detect emotion being used instead of brains.
Paul in Texas