Thursday, July 1, 2010

Chicago's New Gun Control Plans

Via 'Clout Street'.

*Under Daley's ordinances, handgun owners would need to register all their guns with the city so police know how many weapons are in each home, and would also be required to have a valid Firearm Owner's ID card.

*It requires firearms training, both in a classroom and a firing range.

*Chicago residents would be able to register no more than one handgun per month for each adult in a home. The ordinance "generally prohibits the possession of a handgun by any person except in the person's home," according to a city news release.

*Only one firearm can be kept in immediately operable condition in each home. Other guns must be broken down or have trigger locks in place.

*Assault weapons are banned, as is the possession of ammunition by anyone who does not have a valid FOID card and registration for a gun of the same caliber.

*Applicants must be at least 21 years old, unless a parent signs for a child age 18 or older.

*To protect the city against costs for a lawsuit in case a police officer shoots an armed person while responding to a home, Daley also said the city will pursue legislation at the state and federal levels granting liability immunity for first responders and the city.

*The ordinance bars anyone from possessing a handgun outside a home, which excludes garages, outdoor areas, hotel rooms and group-living quarters.

*Would-be gun owners must take a training course with a minimum of one hour on the range and four hours in the classroom before obtaining a permit to a keep a weapon in the home.

*The ordinance prohibits sawed-off shotguns, assault weapons and “unsafe” handguns.

*It also requires guns kept in homes with minors under age 18 to be secured when they are not in the possession of the owner.

*Penalties for not complying with the proposed law range from $1,000 to 90 days in jail.

*And, as proposed by powerful Ald. Edward Burke, 14th, the new ordinance would create a gun-offender registry to be posted on line by the police department. Anyone convicted of unlawful use or illegal possession of a weapon would be required to register with the police for a four-year period.

*Each individual is entitled to have one “firearm assembled and operable in the home. All other firearms kept or possessed by that person in his home shall be broken down in a non-functioning state or shall have a trigger lock or other mechanism, other than the firearm safety mechanism, designed to render the firearm temporarily inoperable.”

*If there is someone in home under age 18 who “is likely to gain access to the firearm,” a gun must be in the owner’s possession, fitted with a safety mechanism rendering it inoperable or unloaded with the ammunition in a securely locked container.

*To register handguns, a resident must first get a “Chicago Firearm Permit” from the police department. A permit would cost $100 every three years.

*People who have been convicted of a violent crime, two or more driving-under-the-influence charges or unlawful use of a firearm could not get a permit.

*Once obtained, residents must then register each weapon. That would cost $15 every three years per weapon.

These are similar to the registration already in place for long guns plus training and the "Only one serviceable gun" part which is what I see as the most vulnerable part. 'Assault Weapons' are already illegal in the county. As long as the licenses from the CPD arn't arbitrary, I can see most of these standing in the courts.

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Mrs. Widget said...

slightly onerous, though it is a start to letting people have guns.

A reasonable person might suggest that instead of non operational or gun lock that a gun safe should suffice.

Not that Daley is trying to be reasonable.

Ammo...okay I buy a 32, decide to upgrade, sell it legally (say a gun store), If I keep my old ammo I violate the law?

Shawn said...

I knew from the get go how stupid they were going to be but:

"To protect the city against costs for a lawsuit in case a police officer shoots an armed person while responding to a home, Daley also said the city will pursue legislation at the state and federal levels granting liability immunity for first responders and the city."

So when only-ones injures/kills an innocent neigther them or there family have the ability to sue the police for there f*ck up.

And then they wonder why police are viewed as the scum of the earth by some...

45superman said...

So say you buy (and register) a Sig P229 in .40 S&W. If you then buy a .357 Sig barrel, what do you have to do to buy .357 Sig ammo legally?

Do you have to register a barrel?

Anonymous said...

This court ruling contends now thats its a citizens right rather than just a federal enclaves Citizens right. Is the NRA going to basically allow Richard Daley to set the tone for what may become the standard minimum for the rest of the nation?

Then Texas may cede from the nation just on laser restrictions alone. Remember Gov Perry's coyote kill with a laser aimed pistol back in april.

Matt Groom said...

I can see these licensing laws being challenged under 4th amendment grounds, since they will literally be confiscating firearms for anyone who fails to re-register within a limited period of time, forgets to re-register, or is denied for any of a host of arbitrary reasons.

The illegal ammo thing almost certainly won't stand if challenged. What if the gun says ".45 ACP" and they get arrested for having a box of ammo that says ".45 Auto"? Or what if they have a gun that's chambered in .38 S&W and they get arrested for having a box of .38 Colt New Police, which are actually the same cartridge?

Matt Groom said...

Beating a dead horse here, but what if you have a .357 Magnum and you get caught with .38 Special ammo? Registered to have a 9mm Luger, and get busted with 9mm NATO, 9x19mm, 9mm Parabellum? What if you have a .22 Long Rifle, and you have a box of .22 Short?

If you buy a Thompson Contender, is it illegal to own additional barrels? What about .22 conversion kits? Do they have to be registered separately?

My recommendation to the people of Chicago is buy a Dan Wesson Revolver if they can find one.

Weer'd Beard said...

+1 to the first responder liability.

I can see this as a simple way to wipe opposition off the map.

Have police go into a home for an "Inspection" (even if they don't have/need a warrant many people aren't smart enough to know their rights, nor know that police requesting things that are against those rights is often a bad idea)

They ask to see registered guns, when the person presents them police kill home owner and anybody else and claim they were "Threatened"

A couple of these and people will willingly sell off their guns or move out of the city to avoid getting killed by corrupt cops protected by a corrupt law.

And in the end with all these bullshit laws being proposed, we can look to any number of cities and states that have no need for such opression, and don't seem to have a fraction of the problems Chicago is trying to "Prevent".

Thirdpower said...

It would really put Jackson in a quandary, wouldn't it?

Support citizens having guns or support police shooting AA's w/ guns.