Friday, August 31, 2007

Selective history

I've noticed a trend recently w/ the anti's. Numerous of them seem to have selective memories when it comes to their own posts.

Kelli was the first that I saw. She made claims about statements made by Justice Emory in regards to the 2A. Her remarks were that he was of the "collective rights" interpretation. I then linked to the entire article and showed her she was completely wrong and had taken his writings out of context w/ selective editing. Over the next few months, she then twice claimed that I was the one who mentioned Emory and she had corrected me.

Jadegold has now also done it over on Tom King's site. He (Jade) is refusing to acknowledge that he edited several of my posts to claim that I said things that I didn't. The relavent posts are #'s 25, 26, 29, & 31. Now, even w/ the citations, he denies he did it and calls me "delusional". He is also claiming he proved "multiple times" that his statement that "most gun owners are hunters" was accurate. That never happened. The numbers he cited on Tom's blog didn't actually prove a thing about hunting numbers.

Now Sentinel has picked up the trend. On Robyn's blog, he posted a long screed that was laden w/ innaccuracies and insults(#34). He made snarky comments about posters intelligence and capabilities. He considers this to be " thoughful and well researched". I posted on several of the innaccuracies that were directed at me and he is now denying them and my response (posted yesterday) on Tom's blog (#11).

I don't believe these people are honestly that stupid nor forgetful. I strongly suspect that this is just a giant Red Herring to try and keep us hopping all over and not flaying them on the current topic.

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