Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The definition of "Sanity" from Alex

Charging the parents of a boy playing Soldier w/ child abuse.

Of course he also thinks that playing guns = future sociopathy.

I guess the inconvenient fact that most shootings (and crime overall for that matter) are committed in Urban areas escaped him. It's easier just to make more allegations of racism and selectively cite some statistics than it is to objectively study the matter.

And this guy has a Phd and is teaching students.

Didn't take your meds today Alex or are you just upset as to how badly the nationwide protests went?

Edit: His Delusions of Grandeur continue. Isn't it cute how he has to reduce the number of NRA members by 25% and ignore the hundreds of thousands of members of the more extreme organizations like the GOA, SAF, and JPFO to claim his "tiny amount? What's the membership of the Brady Bunch again? You know, the largest anti-gun group? Oh, right, about 50,000. The VPC? Who knows, they're mostly funded by the Joyce Foundation. MMM? Combined w/ the BC. I guess Alex must be intentionally ignoring the recent Pew and Zogby polls on NRA support and lack of support for new laws. Hell, their annual convention numbers alone totaled more than the Brady membership.

Poor baby, you're really having a bad day, aren't you?


Anonymous said...

Wow, that dude has some issues. Kinda amusing to watch him display some rather, err, violent rhetoric while going on about how insane we gun nuts are.

I wonder if his Dean has been alerted to his vile flummery?


Anonymous said...

"Delusions of Grandeur "

No, delusions of adequacy.