Sunday, August 26, 2007

Selective analyzing?

Bryan Miller posts another anti-gun screed that's highly devoid of facts and adds a few goodfacts of his own. It's already been effectively fisked in the comments but I'll add my two cents anyway.

Once again, an anti uses trace data as absolute numbers. It's even funnier when PAGE TWO says that's not what it's for.

Miller makes the statement of fact "it is the case that a significant portion of crime guns recovered in Newark were part of multiple sales made by in-state gun dealers."

as of yet, noone has been able to find evidence for this. Will he present it? We're still waiting for his evidence he promised on 50 cals and other topics that he'll get to "in future posts". At the rate he's posting, energy weapons will be the standard sidearm of CCW holders in the 55 United States by the time he gets around to it.

And, as usual, he neglects the most important parts of the crime he cites, the fact that the primary suspect is an illegal immigrant in a sanctuary city (which I covered earlier) out on multiple bonds for assault, weapons possession, and child rape along w/ alleged accomplices involved in violent gangs.

Now I'm curious as to whether he'll respond to any of the comments as he attempted to last time (albeit though only w/ insults) or will he just play the silence game. We also get to see if macca (as 32aday) comes crawling out of her burrow to throw out a few comments.

Edit: As of this afternoon, NJ voices doesn't have the new post listed w/ the others on Bryan's site even though it's listed in RSS feeds and editors picks. I like to think that this is Bryan's attempt to try and quiet us by not listing it directly but it's most likely a programming error.

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