Sunday, June 25, 2017

Why We Can't Have Nice Things : Update

One of my favorite local hiking spots is the 'Observatory Trail' at Walnut Point State Park.  It's a hair under 2 miles and rated 'moderate' which is a good haul for an individual who spends most of his time in a cubicle and has let him get himself out of shape.


Fifthpower and I went out there today since the weather was beyond perfect for it. Mid 70's.  Partly cloudy. Light breeze.  Just right.

An area of pine woods. Really creepy at dusk when the wind is blowing.  Lots of shadows and the trees creak and pop as they sway:

Tree down across the trail.  5P and I had fun climbing through it:

Baby toad:

Unfortunately when we got to the observatory, the halfway mark, the reason for the post became relevant. It's an old building that's been used as a local drinking spot and had been heavily vandalized over the years. The park has made a point to block of the entrance and cover over the graffiti.  As we got up there, we saw the blocks have once again been covered w/ graffiti. Not only that but a bench that we used to rest up on had been destroyed.  Set on fire by the trash that hang out there.

People suck.

Update:  The trail has been closed.

OAKLAND (JG-TC) -- Walnut Point State Park has closed the grounds around this park's long shuttered observatory and the connecting trail due to vandalism.

Walnut Point staff reported on the state park's Facebook page that vandals have destroyed signs and gates, and burnt a wooden bench. Walnut Point staff also reported that there has been an increase in racist and anti-Semitic graffiti in this area.

The state park is located just north of Oakland in the southeast corner of Douglas County. The long shuttered observatory on the southwest edge of Walnut Point was operated many years ago by the University of Illinois. Walnut Point staff asks those who have information about the vandalism to contact law enforcement.

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Cookie said...

I see that they have closed the trail for now.