Friday, June 30, 2017

Journey Quest Season 3 Swag (At Last!!!)

So after a arduous Journey, my Quest for swag (see what I did there?)  has finally come to fruition. A long time ago, in a Kickstarter far far away, I pledged a goodly amount of kopins for custom video dedication to the 4th powers' 13th Bday. The folks at DG/ZOE bent over backwards to get it to me in time and went above and beyond.

Today I received the remainder of my pledge goodies.

Patches, bookmarks, Bardic Immunity badge/card, Perf mini, Orcish word plate (tolid: twin), and Nara/Perf print. 

The film itself.  Definitely a darker tone than the first two seasons.  One spoiler.  It ends in a cliffhanger. 4PB screeched when it did. Most entertaining.

Go forth and support them so we can get S4 started.

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