Thursday, June 22, 2017

200 Rounds!?!? ErMaGerd!!!!

It's 'old news' now but this headline made me chuckle.
gunman James Hodgkinson had 200 rounds of ammo in storage unit, FBI investigators say

Of course that gives people mental images of :
Image result for soldier wearing belts of ammo

Leading to reactions of:

Image result for jessica rabbit dip

But in reality it looks like this:

Yes, that's 200 rounds of evil 'assault gun' ammo.  Next to a set of car keys.

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Cookie said...

I have that much in my truck!

Angus McThag said...

It makes me want to rent a storage unit to put 200 rounds in. Right in the middle.

Just for the picture.

Thirdpower said...

That's almost the exact mental image I had as well.