Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Stanley Cronicles: Preface

When I was growing up, my family and I used to go on long vacations every year.  Later due to economic issues, the travels got shorter but were just as family oriented.  Wuhat was universal, however, was invariably something went wrong.  Tornadoes, flooding, wasp infested stumps, projectile vomiting... Something. It got to be so regular it turned into a running joke.

During these trips, my mom kept a journal, recording regularly where we went and what we did. I've read through them and they are hilarious, especially when we were all younger.  My dad she referred to as 'Stanley' when discussing his various vacation foibles. I have come to call these 'The Stanley Chronicles" and hope to get them published one day along w/ some additions from my own memories.

My particular branch of the family has begun taking vacations along w/ a few precursor trials.  Unsurprisingly, we've had our own disasters and a few of my own 'Stanley' moments.  As we've just gotten back from our first all family outing, I'm going to keep my own journal, along with lots and lots of photos, starting w/ this preface and a day by day breakdown.

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