Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sunday Gunday :) & :(

So the Fourthpowers celebrated their #'th Bday.

I got tired of them mooching off my ammo.  So:
Yeah, thanks dad.  Ha ha.

Then THE gift(s) came out. 

THAT is some happiness right there.  Their first 10/22's along w/ a scope and some starter ammo.  Weather allowing, we'll take them out today for some test firing.

A little while later, I took the niece's SO out to throw some lead.  Only a quick range trip w/ the AK and Dragunov since they had to get on the road and we were being eaten alive by bugs.  Still he enjoyed himself a lot and learned some things he didn't know before:

Then the unhappy. When I was pulling out the bang sticks, I discovered that at some point, the container of water absorber had gotten tipped and it had caused some evil corrosion on my coach gun, ruining several shells of specialty rounds and serious rust on the triggers and cover.

I've got some cleaning to do tomorrow but overall a positive day.

That's how we win.

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Erin Palette said...

You've got some good-looking kids there! Must be all that clean living. :D

.45ACP+P said...

New 10-22s! That calls for an Appleseed! There is bound to be one not too far away. It will be a great chance to learn marksmanship skills and rifle safety.