Monday, August 10, 2015


Oh the horror.

When I pulled out Betsy, my coach gun, the other day, I discovered that the RidDamp container had tipped and that that crap is HIGHLY corrosive.

The shells and the sleeve are a complete loss, totally fused together which really blows because I had some specialty home defense/less lethal rounds in it. A complete disassembly showed that the rust was limited to the triggers and guard.  An hour or so w/ linseed oil, 0000 steel wool, and some fine modeling files got most of the rust off and smoothed them back down w/ only some blue-ing loss.

Then the really bad was found.  As I pulled out the rest of the guns and inspected them, I found a small spot on the Colt SP-1 AR.  A spot right on the edge of the grip holes.


Complete breakdown showed the stuff had run down the inside.  This is what the bolt assembly looked like:

The inside was even worse.  Effectively a complete loss.  Thankfully I kept the original one.  The upper and lower assemblies I was able to clean out relatively easily, oiled up, and reassembled.

What a sucky experience.

So who is willing to help fund a replacement bolt assembly and ammo and hopefully a portable dehumidifier?  :)

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drjim said...

A look at the MSDS for that stuff shows:

Calcium Chloride

Sodium Chloride

Potassium Chloride.

In the presence of moisture that stuff might even rust "stainless" steel!

Rob Reed said...

Try reverse electolysis (sp?) on that bolt. Might work.

Ratus said...

Try this stuff, "evapo-rust" works great and it's cheap.

Ryan said...

Soak the bolt carrier in penetrating oil or kerosene for a week. It might not be pretty but it will work. Do up the bare metal with some sort of finish, maybe cold blue. Save it as a back up bolt.