Thursday, August 13, 2015

A MishMosh of Gun & Game Stuff

Everyone.... This is Betsy.  Betsy's 'formal' name is Norinco Model 99 but I think Betsy is much better. She's a side by side split breach 12ga commonly known as a 'Coach Gun'.  She was my first 'home defense' firearm and has a special place outside of some excessive recoil and a tendency to pop off the grip if I don't hold onto her tightly.

Betsy was also the victim of the DampRid spill the other day, causing some corrosion and the loss of her stock shell sleeve.  Well Betsy's back in her finery, a basic model from Amazon, w/ some extra shells I had.

Ain't she purty?

This morning I also got a call from a good friend of mine who had read about the corrosion disaster. He's sending me a new bolt assembly for my AR.  THAT is how the gun community rolls.

On the game front...

I attended GenCon last year (2014) but was unaware of the Crystal Caste annual dice. I found some on Ebay and ordered some.  They arrived today.  One is going to my painting friend.  The other has been added to the dice display.

My Painting friend also, in exchange for picking him up some stuff, gave me a bunch of his older GC special sets.

And a few Misc.  From KenzerCo of Knights of the Dinner Table fame, I wanted to get a T-shirt but they didn't have them at the Con so I ordered one when I got home.

 And some novelty dice, a D1million (so to speak):

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