Tuesday, August 11, 2015

It's...Um..... My Collection

 So my new shooter, the niece's SO, a History/Philosophy major (Would you like fries w/ that?) made the comment when we were getting ready to hit the range "Wow, I've never seen so many guns" as he looked in my safe.  Now my safe's only middling size and isn't even full. 

Then I yanked everything out to inspect any potential damage from the RidDamp spill.  W/ all of them out and lined up for inspection/rearrangement (due to the 4thpowers' new 10/22's), it was the perfect time for a 'family photo'.

The non-.22 rifles:
NDM-86 Dragunov
Mosin/Nagant 91/30 1942 Izhevsk PU style sniper
Chinese M53
Norinco SKS
Soviet SKS 1952
Colt SP-1 AR
Ruger Mini-14
2 K98k's

.22's, shotguns, pellet guns

Norinco mod. 99 (Betsy(
Single shot 20 ga.
2 Red Rider bb guns (Alpha & Bravo's)
Marlin mod. 81
Marlin mod 60 (CinC's)
3 Ruger 10/22's (Bravo's, Alpha's, Mine)

And the handguns:
Beretta 92S
.38 spec. Revolver (CinC's)

Back in their house, all neat and orderly:

It's a nice little collection.  There's a few other items I'ld like to pick up eventually.  M1 Garand.  One of those StG-44 repro's.  Mini-30.  But those are far in the future.


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Backwoods Engineer said...

It's an arsenal fit for an anti-gun media slander article.

I'm totally jealous of your Dragunov, by the way. Props on that. 7.62 x 54R forever!

Erin Palette said...

Nice collection! I'm envious.

Old NFO said...

Nice start... :-)